By Gustavo 04/13/2016

Easy Payment Gateway Wins Innovation Awards

Alex Capurro, the CEO ofEasy Payment Gateway won the first prize and received £2,000 worth of IT and telecommunications equipment. The prize was sponsored by a panel of representatives from GFSB and Gibtelecom, allowingEasy Payment Gatewaythe opportunity of receiving a year’s worth of advertising in the GFSB’s InTouch magazine based in Gibraltar.

Easy Payment Gateway was announced the winner of the Innovation Awards after it was announced by Gibraltar Federation of Small Businesses (GFSB).

The event was represented by Julian Byrne, Stephen Reyes and Peter Borge, representatives of GFSB and Gibtelecom, whom ultimately decided the winners of this year’s award. Byrne said: “We are very impressed with the quality of the entrants and the variety of the businesses that have been set up.” He continued “It is good to see entrepreneurship in Gibraltar and the GFSB is keen to promote that.”

“We are happy to have had such original entries with people behind them who have such a desire to help businesses succeed.” The judge evaluated the uniqueness of each business, the value of the customer as well as the industry.

Mr Capurro mentioned in the Chronicle that the business has grown exponentially over the last two years. “My business is basically a one stop payment solution,” he said. “Any companies that need online payments or physical payments we can provide them with all the technological solutions that they need and want guarantee the lowest price in the industry.”

Alex Capurro (featured above) only started Easy Payment Gateway over a year ago initially hiring four people. This has grown up to 27 employees allowing the business to grow by 300% within the last three months, expecting to progress over a billion dollars’ worth of transactions by the end of 2017. Due to an innovative payment tool that he created, Easy Payment Gateway has been progressing vastly by day.


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